About Kevin


I facilitate Conversations That Matter – community consultations, conference panels, and high stakes meetings.

Communication has been the thread linking my careers as a CEO, news anchor and association executive.

Conversations That Matter distills my experience into communication in its most un-plugged and effective form. It draws out the gift of our capacity to connect in a manner that resolves conflict, untangles complexity, discovers better solutions and shares knowledge.

For companies, communities and governments, the business case for Conversations That Matter has never been more compelling because it is key to acquiring the social license required today to make things happen.

And for me, it’s an opportunity to achieve what we all strive for in our careers – to apply our skills and experience to making a difference.

I have  been facilitating discussion and debate since my first job hosting an open-line radio program in my hometown of Winnipeg in 1975. I learned early on that the key to effective communication is deep listening.

KevinEvansBillboardMoving on to television, I produced and hosted a series of interview programs before taking the plunge into broadcast journalism as a reporter in Toronto. Throughout my time as a network reporter and regional news anchor in Winnipeg and Vancouver, I developed a following for live “town hall / roving mike” discussion programs.

In 1998, I began a second career in association management/government relations as Vice President, Western Canada for the Retail Council of Canada. It was here that I came to appreciate the challenges associations face in developing compelling conference content.

Simultaneously, I launched Evans Endeavours as a vehicle to pursue my conviction that effective dialogue strengthens communities. Over the course of the next nine years, I hosted dozens of functions at conferences and meetings throughout British Columbia.

In 2007, wanting to “get onto the playing field” of public policy development and implementation, I became Chief Executive Officer of Industry Training Authority, a crown corporation responsible for managing British Columbia’s trades training and certification system. In addition to honing my leadership skills, I put my broadcast and facilitation background to good use while introducing highly successful ITA “community forums” throughout BC.

In 2013, I decided to focus my accumulated experience full-time on meeting the growing need of the meeting industry for engaging content and on fostering dialogue through public engagement and consultation aimed at strengthening community.

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